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Hello & Welcome!

Why not become a volunteer at one of our events and be a part of an AMAZING group of people – young and old – beginners & higher level riders who all volunteer and help keep the Society moving forward and growing.

Helping as a volunteer will give you enormous benefits, the more hours you can give the Society, the more we can give back to you as well!

You might only be able to help once per year – stuffing give away bags at the Symposium…or organizing tea and coffee at a clinic.  Or, you might be able to donate many hours, in which case you might consider becoming a Board Member.

The more hours you give us – the more we can give you.  You can get the hours to get your entire training for FREE!

Volunteering – Great for your resume!

A resume is hugely important for job applications, even going for a loan. A great reference from the Society in thanks for your volunteering goes a long way to building your future in the coaching profession.

Email us  to see what current positions are available on the Board, and as a volunteer…and JUNIORS WELCOME!


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