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Organizing & hosting a horse rider seat & position coach’s clinic

SQUARE Host a clinic attend free

If you cannot make it to the Kentucky International Symposium …or just want FREE training…why not host a clinic in your area – and you – and a friend – can attend for FREE!

It costs approximately $2,000 to do the entire course with registration and membership, but we give that to you TOTALLY FREE if you arrange your own course!

How the course works…

The entire Level 1 course is now on-line.  You can do the course on-line – and not even leave home!  See: on-line course

Once you have completed your on-line course, you do your theory exam at home – we send it to you via email – and you can get your theory certificate – without ever leaving home!

Then, you’re ready to attend the 5 day “live” course and do your practical exam at the end to become FULLY registered coach.

Most people attend the Kentucky Symposium to do the practical, as we can offer you so much more in Kentucky than we can at your venue – additional speakers brought in from around the world – plus seeing  “behind the scenes” of the incredible venues: University of Kentucky, Asbury University, Midway University and Kentucky Horse Park, as we spend a couple of days at each venue – all in a short distance from the host hotel.

We also have the gala evening awards night – incredible fun – especially if your exam results are over 95% and you receive a High Achievement Medal, or you win the votes for awards such as “Rider of the Year”, “Coach of the Year”, “Horse of the Year”, etc.

However if you really cannot make Kentucky – then why not host YOUR OWN clinic – right there in your area?

Host a clinic yourself!

It is far better to have done as much as possible of the L1 On-line course before you come to the live clinic.  If you have completed the on-line course, and sent us your exam, and already received your theory certificate, then you are eligible to sit the practical exam at your live clinic to be FULLY registered.

Especially if you live overseas, it might not be possible for you to come to the Kentucky Symposium.  So why not arrange your own clinic.  Anyone is welcome to arrange a clinic – private individuals, clubs, groups – we have even had a junior (with parents help!) arrange highly successful clinic here in the USA!

Email us and we’ll talk you through all the steps!

What we need

  1. A group of enthusiastic people in your area really wanting to learn this information for their riding, or to become and official coach (see minimum numbers below).  We also need a few volunteers to help promote it and help on the day (all volunteers can SPECTATE for free).

  2. An indoor or covered arena.  It’s impossible to host clinics outdoors for 5 days – it’s just too uncomfortable for the crowds to relax and enjoy the information. Therefore, if you are able to locate a quality indoor or covered arena in your area, the owner of the arena also gets TWO FREE PLACES for them to attend (on top of the minimum number required below) in return for giving us the arena for the clinic. Occasionally an outdoor arena might have enough shelter, so do let us know what you have in mind, as we might already know an arena available in your area.

  3. For you to take all the bookings and enquiries.  We put your contact details on the advertising so they can contact you directly.

  4. Someone to organize lunches, coffee, drinks & snacks

Your own training is FREE

It’s a big commitment to get people organized for clinics!  So, in return, in thanks, your own training is TOTALLY FREE…you don’t pay a cent…plus…

Bring a friend FREE

Every person that attends can bring a friend for free – to the same cost value.  That is, if you’re a spectator, you can bring a spectator for free.  If you’re a coach doing the exams, you can bring a coach to do their exams as well..for free!


  1. MINIMUM NUMBERS USA/Canada:  Minimum 10 attendees (11 incl the host attending free). UK/Europe: Minimum 11 attendees (12 incl the host) AUS/NZ:    Minimum 12 attendees (13 incl the host)

  2. AIRFARES & ACCOMMODATION There are no travel costs payable, airfares are INCLUDED in the prices. However accommodation and meals for 1 or 2 coaches (depending on numbers) need to be provided by the host.  Hosts normally put the cost of this on top of the course fees.

  3. MEALS We really prefer lunch to be on site, otherwise we lose people, and we cannot delay the start after lunch, as the information is jam-packed – and attendees cannot miss the important information and still pass their course.  Most organizers, if they are providing lunch themselves, can make a small amount towards their Pony Club or charity by charging the attendees slightly more than the actual cost.  For the larger clinics, we have had Rotary, Lions, Apex or Pony Clubs Mothers come in and make the lunches and do the coffees, and then that club keeps the lunch monies for their fundraising.

  4. CANCELLATIONS/TRAVEL INSURANCE: Should, for any reason, the clinic be cancelled, you will have already done your on-line course, and we would make an exception to submit your practical via video so that you could still become a registered coach, at no additional cost. You could also still attend the Kentucky Symposium for free as well. If you are travelling, you really need to get travel insurance to cover travel, airfare, accommodation, car hire etc if you are attending a clinic.  If you are coming to the USA you MUST get travel insurance at least for the medical part.  The medical situation is dire enough for USA residents, but disastrous for visitors. A simple visit to the ER would be around $5,000  – $10,000 cash up front, and, what is unknown even to USA citizens is doctors REALLY WILL  refuse service if you are not insured.  Insurance is relatively inexpensive, and any travel agent can help you.  Be careful however to list all pre-existing conditions as you will have no coverage if you do not.

  5. DEPOSITS and PART-PAYMENTS: Most people like part-payments, especially when they’re interest-free!  You can make partial payments on all of our courses and products.  If you’re having trouble figuring out our payment page then  email us we will help!

  6. INDOOR – COVERED ARENA: Universities such as Asbury University, Midway University and venues like Kentucky Horse Park, or Tall Timbers in Australia donate their venues FREE of CHARGE, because ALL their staff and students get to spectate the clinic for free. This is an amazing opportunity for therapeutic centers, riding for disabled, university programs and clubs to get incredible FREE training for donating their indoor.

  7. DEMO RIDERS: We will need about 6 to 10 demo riders – amazing free training!   They need to be members of the Society for administrative reasons (only $45 for the whole year). (Join here) It is remarkable to be looked at by so many coaches at once, all supportive, all kind, and all amazingly helpful if the rider has problems such as getting heels down, looking down, twists and asymmetries, one shoulder higher or lower, leaning forward, on the forehand, nervous or lacking balance, and so importantly: riding long hour without pain.

  8. COSTS: If is FREE to attend if you have fully paid for the on-line course!

STAY HOME – We would love to come to you!

More Info:   Email us for more info

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