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Horse Riding Coaches: ‘How many seconds between lightning & thunder is safe for pupils?&#8

“How many seconds between lightning & thunder is safe?”

We’ve all been asked that question by our school teachers, carefully watching for the lightening, and the thunder straight afterwards to see if the space was getting smaller, and if we should come inside.

Correct answer = no seconds are safe.  As soon as you hear thunder the only place safe is inside.

Horses struck by lightning


And yes, lightning does strike in the same place and is quite frequently seen – striking several times in the same paddock.

Given the warnings below, as a horse riding coach you would be absolutely negligent if you heard thunder and didn’t act to get your riders immediately indoors.

24,000 people killed every year

With so many people being killed around the world every year…it’s time to print out the flier below and have it up on your stable wall and have it part of your Code of Conduct and Stable & Lesson Rules.

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