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FUN QUICK “visual image” to teach riders for better balance

We all know we’re meant to look up! We all know we’re not meant to lean into circles. But…it’s sure hard to remember!

Quick tip…how you hold your hat affects how balanced your seatbones are…especially on turns & circles.

So here’s a FUN QUICK TIP:

Look at our photo of Carlos Osorio (Horse First Farms) demonstrating Rider Biomechanics at the Midwest Horse Fair, Madison WI.

The visual image is THE COWBOY HAT.

Here’s your homework

  1. Go down the longside, or down a rail, and turn a smallish half circle and turn around and go the other way.  Which seatbone got heavier? (Probably the inside)

  2. Now, go and do it again, and pretend it’s raining, and your’e in your cowboy hat, and if you lean too far into the circle the rain will drip out your hat and down your inside armpit!  If you can keep your hat level…you can keep your seatbones level!

Enjoy the quick tip!  Hope to see you at the Symposium this year!

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