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Study at your own pace in the comfort of your own home with our video library.

We have the largest biomechanics video library in the WORLD!

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

Level 1 is our introductory instructor certification. This is an intensive study program that goes in depth with theory of teaching biomechanics, and how to improve the horse's way of going by fixing the rider. You will learn common positional issues, and how to test and fix them. Learn how to fix rider's with pain issues. You will also learn about liability and safety while teaching, as well as other important topics that are important when training & instructing.

To become a Level 2 instructor, you must be a Level 1 instructor for at least 12 calendar months from the date you passed the Level 1 exam. This is a higher level & intensive instructor course. This course starts working in engagement & starting the step-by-step learning of movements like leg yield, shoulder in, travers, renvers, pirouettes, flying changes and the theory behind all these movements. 

Level 3 is for instructors who are teaching and training at the FEI levels. This level of certification goes deep into the theory of arena figures and lateral movements, with a more intensive study of piaffe and passage. This level will also go into the anatomy ,physiology & kinesiology of the rider. It is recommended that you also enroll in the USDF "L" program in the United States, or a similar program in your country. Riding & show experience at the FEI levels is preferred, but not required. This level of certication will take about 3-4 years to complete. 


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Frequently asked questions… Please read in entirety

How long will it take?

  • The Level 1 course is like a Bachelor’s Degree.  If you are fresh out of high school, then yes it could take as long as a couple of years to be at the level that is safe, professional and qualified to teach the specialty of biomechanics.  However…we have had experienced coaches watch the DVD’s in just a matter of weeks, and then pass exams not only with the High Distinction Certificate, but also the High Achievement Medal!The Level 2 course is very like a Master’s Degree..and as such you will need a mentor in the Society, and will be coached one-on-one a good deal of the time.  You need to be a Level 1 instructor for a minimum of 1 year before signing up for the Level 2. 


New requirement for instructors in 2021:

  • All registered instructors must take Safe Sport Training as a requirement of certification. You can take the Safe Sport Training here

Financial help

  • Yes!  We can spread your payments out over 12 months to make it easier.  Some people might finish the course sooner, which is great, or they might not be finished when the payments cease.  Either way, the split payments are just there to help you get started.  They don’t relate to how long we think it should take you to finish the course.

Do I need First Aid Certification?

  • We highly recommend you do one of the first aid certifications on line even before you start our courses.

  • You need to provide your certification to us prior to being listed as a recommended instructor on our website.

Do I need insurance?

  • The Society is working to get companies to work with us on discounted insurance for our instructors.  You can do your theory exam and become a member without insurance; however by the time you are doing the practical exam it’s HIGHLY advised you have insurance.  To be listed on our website as a recommended instructor you need to have insurance.

Will this certification help my business?

  • The quick answer is YES – absolutely!  Every day we receive requests for clinics and coaches all over the world.  We do not nearly have enough instructors to handle the amount of enquiries. Once you’re qualified and listed in that area, it’s you they’ll be contacting straight away.

  • The Membership and Certificates you receive in this course are highly regarded around the world.  Our Symposiums co-hosted with the University of Kentucky, Asbury University and Midway University over many years are the only such Symposium of it’s kind in the world.

  • We will promote you!  At any event we are happy to have your posters, giveaways, fliers etc.  At venues such as Equitana, Equine Affaire, Royal Dublin etc. where we have the largest trade stands testing people’s seat & position we are happy to have your giveaways on our stand.

  • At a small cost, advertising is available on the website & mailers.  The Society has the right to refuse advertising that is against the Mission Statement of the Society.

DISCLAIMER- Please note that there are NO REFUNDS on digital products (video library, instructor certification) or memberships. 

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