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Our Mission

The Society welcomes people of all ages: riders and non-riders. Anyone who has an interest in seat, position and balance of the rider. Making the position safer and improving the comfort of the horse. 

We also train & certify instructors with our highly-sought after instructor certification. There is not another biomechanics instructor certification like ours in the WORLD.

  • To research & test the world’s safest seat, position & equipment

  • To work with beginners to give them solid safety basics, and Olympians to increase their performance and results

  • To encourage our coaches to donate their time, where possible, to charitable and therapeutic programs

  • To oversee the free scholarship training program. In 2016/17 the Society donated over $100,000 worth of scholarships for instructors to become qualified, and registered for free.

  • To donate time to educate through the research of the “Free KidSafe Program

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